Join a group of extraordinary people who share a common passion to provide the community the ENCORP experience.

As an organisation, ENCORP wishes to create a work environment where people are treated with respect and dignity. We welcome people from different cultures, experience, ideas, backgrounds, skills, and perspectives to create a strong foundation for creativity, innovation, new ideas and approaches that will spearhead ENCORP from just an ordinary company to an extraordinary company.

Success of ENCORP in achieving its aspirations will be governed by the following commitments:

  • Respects employees need to balance work and personal demands;
  • Achieving meaningful business aspirations through collaborations and teamwork between individuals, teams and departments not individualism;
  • Rewards and recognition shall support this commitment;
  • Provides avenues for personal support, learning, self-development, and communication;
  • Values honesty, integrity and respect for people;
  • Unleashing talents and potential in people;
  • Pushing beyond the limits;
  • Concern and care for people;
  • Respect and value ability and contributions of fellow employees;
  • Team players;
  • Respect and value the need for proper conduct of business;
  • Respect and value the need for fulfilling corporate social responsibilities as part of our business commitments;
  • Interested in new learning and self-development;
  • Demonstrate honesty, integrity and respect for people, and
  • Motivated by high achievements, always challenging and pushing the standards.

For Learning and Competency Development, the thrusts of our initiatives are to support the following Learning and Competency Development:

  • Should be founded on clear, identified business needs;
  • Should develop the individuals;
  • Should be integrated into a coherent whole, and
  • Should be in a learning mode not a teaching one.

If you are interested in contributing from day one to create a path you want while helping our customers secure their future, please send your resume to with your present and expected salary, and recent photograph. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.