Encorp Values


ENCORP aspires to be an organisation of happy, highly motivated and well-trained individuals whose aim is to deliver unbeatable quality, standards, value and service in everything ENCORP BERHAD does and to make a difference to our community.


EB Good 2 Great From Now!

Core Values


We will always do the right thing.


We will work hard to develop mutual trust and respect among ourselves and between us and our customers.


We will work hard to ensure Encorp Berhad will operate as an efficient, profitable, fast growing and well run organisation.


A learning organisation must have learning individuals. Management practices to support the development of knowledge and skills.

Logo Rationale

Encorp’s identity has built a reputation based on the satisfaction we see in all our customers’ faces.

The globe is a symbol of our desire to set new horizons as we grow and strengthen, striving to achieve greater heights.

The colour red represents our commitment in harnessing the trust and confidence of our stakeholders and customers. But above all, it reflects the paramount quality of our products, which are designed and developed with great thoughtfulness and assurance.