Corporate Social Responsibility

Encorp Berhad holds to the belief that to remain a sustainable business, we need to have socially accountable growth. Thus, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme considers all areas of the current and future impact of business operations on the environment, our employees, local communities and society in general. Encorps CSR ethos is about creating a positive impact on society, including and going beyond philanthropy and corporate governance.


At Encorp, our commitment to sustainable business practices requires us to consider the impact of our property development projects on the environment. Our environmental agenda involves building architecturally designed green features which provide a safe and resource-efficient development which people can live and work in. As well as that, we also consider the impacts upon the surrounding communities and bearing this in mind, all our developments have been planned, designed and built to minimise its negative impact on the surrounding eco-system.

In Property Development

Property development is an extremely competitive and saturated market. To stand out from the crowd requires us to respond faster to the needs and expectations of our stakeholders, be accountable of our processes, and deliver projects of unbeatable quality and value. Encorp ensures its development has  sufficient flood mitigation measures, providing sufficient silt and debris traps, turfing of exposed slopes to minimise erosion at construction sites, on-going water quality monitoring at sites, development of an Environmental Management Plan for larger project sites, submission of reports to the Department of Environment on a monthly basis and Landscaped green areas within each development.


As an organisation with its business deeply rooted in the community that it serves, Encorp has been consistently aware of its social obligations to the community and remains fully committed to this cause. Encorp feels privileged to have been able to support communities in need and make a difference in their lives, either through education, sports, better homes and improved lifestyles.


Encorp is committed to ensuring the highest standards of corporate governance, and maintains a proper framework to ensure that our business is run in an efficient and transparent manner in the interest of all its stakeholders. Our commitment to these best practices is also underlined by the leadership of our Board of Directors who come from diverse professional backgrounds with extensive experience. Ensuring that our business is conducted in a fair, transparent, sustainable and professional manner, Encorp is focused on delivering products of quality, providing up-to-date information for sound investment decisions, and being customer focused.

Quality Management

In our pursuit of excellence through Quality, Standards, Value and Service (QSVS), Encorp emphasises on providing innovative products and services with the highest standards of quality in the business of property development. Our emphasis on quality also stems from our strict guidelines on selection of business partners, designers and architects for all our projects. In all its activities, Encorp is committed to comply with world-class standards of quality and to continuously improve the effectiveness of our ISO 9001:20015 quality management system, to ensure that we create sustainable value for our stakeholders.

Investor Relations

In our quest of establishing ourselves as an investment of choice, Encorp keeps investors regularly informed of company information via its website, as well as presentations to analysts. Financial information and results are disseminated via press releases to business media to insure that open and transparent communication is practiced for the benefit of the investing community. Corporate information is also regularly updated to ensure up-to-date information is communicated to potential investing partners.


At Encorp, our vision is to be an organisation of happy, highly motivated well-trained staff whose aim is to deliver unbeatable quality, standards, value and services in everything that we do, and to make a difference to our community. Our employees are guided by our core values being ethical, developing relationships among employees and customers, success in everything we do and focusing on continuous learning.


Towards its goal of being an Employer of Choice, Encorp stresses on the importance of employee recognition through initiatives in the workplace such as quarterly awards (Superstar of the Quarter), employee development initiatives (Lunch Talk series), extension of benefits to employees children (recognition of employees children who excel in major examinations), and additional staff benefits such as discounts on Encorp property.

Training & Development

Encorp also ensures that all staff are highly trained and that we are a continuously learning organisation. The Company strives to bring out the best of its employees by providing growth and progression opportunities for employees through comprehensive in-house and external trainings, health and safety programmes as well as internship and industrial training.

Work Environment

As employees are also viewed as internal customers, Encorp ensures that the workplace remains conducive, which helps to balance the needs and desires of each employee with the needs and capacity of the business. Regular consultation with employees is held on workplace issues that may have an impact on their welfare and productivity. As a matter of best practice, consideration is given to the value that consultation could add to any business decision making.


Encorp has created a corporate responsibility mind set within the organisation, which has enabled us to work together as one family to contribute to the community. Our employees have regularly been involved, even on a purely voluntary basis, in initiatives involving the community. This is a result of both personal as well as the company commitments to establishing the best possible work environment.